• Inquiry Removal Enrollment Form

    **Please read before placing your order! First and foremost, we are not responsible nor will we give a refund if you are unable to obtain funding for whatever reasons. **Also note that if there is any issue with your order outside of our control that is within our contractual obligation, then we will issue a replacement line, or a store credit. NOT a refund.**

    Please complete a separate enrollment form for each person (if applicable).
  • Client Information

  • This service includes....

    Credit inquiry removal for inquiries not associated with current accounts listed on your credit report. Meaning if you have an open active positive account with Discover, that inquiry will not be removed.
  • 3 Bureau Credit Report Needed

    We need to view your current credit report from ALL THREE CREDIT BUREAUS in order to begin our work. Our prefered vendor is IdentityIQ Sign up SIGN UP HERE. This is required. Please keep it open during the duration of our service. You must keep the credit monitoring service open throughout the process.

    If you do not have the information now, please continue filling out this form to the best of your ability. You can email us the information at a later date if needed.
  • Identity and Address Verification

    In order to begin your inquiry removal, upload a copy of the following:

    1. Drivers License or State ID Card (REQUIRED)



    1. Recent Utility Bill (Water, Gas, Electric or Telephone) (no older than 2 months) [REQUIRED IF YOUR ADDRESS ON YOUR ID IS NOT YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS] or

    2. Pay Stub (no older than 2 months) or

    3. Bank or Credit Union Statements (no older than 2 months) or

    4. Cancelled/voided Check or

    5. Auto Insurance ID Card/Policy

    Most times you can find these documents in your online portal with the billing company if you signed up for electonic statements.

    [If you do not have the document(s) now, you may continue and submit them later to Val's email address or through the secure link on our website.]
  • Payment Options

    Payment options include: (This will be emailed to you upon submitting your form)

    CashApp: $TRADELINES2GO ([email protected])

    Zellepay.com - You must register then send payment to this email address: [email protected]

    *****Payment is due within ONE business day. Once you make your payment, please submit a picture of deposit slip/receipt to the applicable email below as payment confirmation in order to get your order rocking and rolling IF YOU DONT SEND US CONFIRMATION THEN WE DONT KNOW YOU HAVE PAID SO MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL OR TEXT US THE CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENT!!*****

    [email protected]